I was born in Seoul, South Korea. After being adopted, I grew up in a suburban town in Ohio. I’ve spent 99.9% of my life living in Ohio, the other .1% being the six months prior to my adoption.

During high school, I met some pretty wonderful people. Some of them have come and gone, but the memories I shared with my friends will never disappear. To spending three hours everyday with the swim team, to the long band rehearsals, to the weekends at Menchies and the movies, and even Homecoming dances and prom. Those four years sure went by quickly.

Going to a college where I knew almost nobody was scary as hell, but it was also a chance for a new beginning. Here, I found my life longĀ friends, my bridesmaids, my people. I found a home in Delta Zeta, I found some of the most talented people I’ve ever met in the Conservatory, I found some of the most wonderful professors.

So, what’s next?


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